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Quick Scope – Halo

I don’t know if I stumbled across something, but I think a quick scope is possible in Halo:Reach. The video below has a clip that I did in a firefight. Of course I have no way mastered this technique but it does seem to have some use if perfected. I’ll let all of you know … Continue reading

Weekly: This Is How We Do It

This challenge can be completed by glitching the Flawless Cowboy commendation method. The video below shows you how to setup the checkpoint and boost the commendation while boosting this challenge will be completed. It’ll take roughly 12 minutes to setup and another 30 seconds to complete . Thanks to MarioTheFalcon.

Phoenix’s Boot Camp – Halo: Reach – 1 of ?

Hey, internet peoples!  I am starting a series of posts here in Basic Training to give some of the n00bs out there a little guidance.  Bear in mind I am still very much a n00b, but I am learning quickly and I would like to share some good info from my experience as well as … Continue reading

That’s much better

So last night’s Reach outing was much MUCH better.  PK gave me this page, Diary of the PWNED, because it was assumed that I would always be terrible at shooters.  Now that may be true as of this writing, but I am noticing improvements in my game every single day (except two days ago, ugh). … Continue reading

GoW 3 – Horde 2.0 Trailer

Looks like Epic games is improving on the fantastic carnage that is Horde Mode: If you enjoyed Horde from GoW2, the new Horde 2.0 will be more than enough to keep you busy.  From purchasing barriers and power weapons, to gunning down Brumaks and other bosses, this promises to be a ton of bloody fun.  … Continue reading

Tough running last night

Got some bad beats last night in Reach mp.  We pulled it together for some good wins toward the end of the night, though.  I tell you what, don’t play squad slayer unless you are really ready for it.  We got matched up against a squad with no one ranked lower than field marshall, and … Continue reading

Hey there, strangers!

Phoenix checking in for the first time officially here at apprenticegamer.  Currently big into Halo Reach, but the wife and I just started so I am a lowly major grade 2, lol.  K/D is awful, but I am working on it, getting better each day! Adios for now, everybody.

No helo world…

We are currently in progress of constructing the site. Please keep noobing it up in the meantime.